Fraser Island Fire 2020 – Happy Valley

It’s not often one gets to be involved in supporting vital emergency services preparatory work followed up by mapping of a whole town post-wildfire. Flight Assess was able to assist prior to the 2019 fire season, followed by mapping of the damage caused by the fires in 2020.

Flight Assess provided aerial imagery of the status of the fire breaks around Happy Valley in 2019. This allowed for some preparedness to be carried out. Mapping was subsequently carried out of the town post the wildfires, providing the community with a wide range of tools to be applied to the dataset into the future.

Happy Valley is an idyllic town located approximately midway along the Eastern Beach on Fraser Island. It provides essential services to many of the island’s tourist spots and almost 1000 residents.

The management of the firebreaks surrounding Happy Valley requires meticulous planning due to the sensitive ecosystem. Flight Assess was able to minimise any intrusion on the environment and provided an extremely safe and effective management toolbox for the fire break planning for the 2019 bushfire season. This was instrumental in providing the town with appropriate wildfire management during the 2020 fires.

Since the 2020 fires, Flight Assess was able to map, without the undergrowth impeding vision (as most of it was burned), allowing the required QLD Govt Departments and local community enhanced imagery for future planning.


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November 15, 2017

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