Airliner Inspections

Being the first in Australia to develop processes and procedures to reduce falls from heights risks to Aircraft Engineers, has been a privilege.

Tasked with ensuring a safety outcome that can reduce exposure to falls from heights in the business by a minimum of 80%, required an enormous amount of R and D.

The project aimed to satisfy the following critical outcomes:

  • Reduction of falls from heights risks
  • Reduction of human factor error potential that occurs when carrying out inspections
  • Increased aircraft availability as a result of more efficient inspection techniques than those currently used
  • The reduced potential of EWP/Boom lift impact to aircraft

Complicating the project was the regulatory environment involved. Bringing numerous stakeholders, both in Australia and Internationally, along for the journey has been critical to the success we have achieved thus far.

Trials have been carried out successfully using the Mavic 2 Zoom and Phantom 4 Pro both with and without FPV Goggles.

The journey continues with the concept proven to be successful.


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Posted on

January 15, 2021