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Who are we?

A QLD born company!

Our History and Future:

The Short:

From a long and solid aviation background to providing arguably Australia’s finest niche Aerial Imaging Service, for high value, sensitive and complicated Asset Inspections, using the latest equipment and safest technology available.

The Long:

Flight Assess is an operational component of Asset Excellence Pty Ltd. We have been using and developing this technology since 2015. 

Whilst carrying out projects for various clients, restrictions and inefficiencies in the acquisition of data and the overall picture of the clients’ situation, was identified as an area that should be enhanced.

Subsequently, Asset Excellence formed an in house, enhanced capability utilising Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). This service was designed to provide inspections within highly complicated and restricted areas.

This component of Asset Excellence was originally named AEDroneS. As a result of significant business growth, obtaining contracts with Transport and Main Roads (QLD), insurance assessors, along with various other property developers, airline, airport authorities and other high value industrial clients within Australia, a clearer business name was required.

Together with this, there was a requirement to ensure no confusion existed with our available services to all our clients – both those wanting to use the service Asset Excellence provides as well as those exclusively interested solely in the UAV/RPAS services. Subsequently, Flight Assess was born.

Flight Assess has access to a wide range of experienced and qualified Remote Pilots and has a significant documented safety and quality management foundation in order to meet our clients’ needs. Our Corporate Director and Chief Remote Pilot has 30 + years of operational aviation experience in both military and civilian environments on fixed and rotary equipment. As a result, Flight Assess has become uniquely placed as a key driver in trialling comprehensively, RPAS equipment for both airlines and airports in Australia as well as other restrictive and complex industries.

Flight Assess utilises the latest in commercial equipment including both Quad and Hexcopters. The imagery equipment used is top of the range along with thermal imaging capability and continues to keep pace as technology grows. This ensures our clients continue to get the best outcome current technology can provide – without the expense of our clients having to keep pace.

Through Asset Excellence we are an accredited member with Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS).

With safety and privacy being paramount, together with providing you the most cost effective and thorough manner of aerial solutions, you can be rest assured of a focused, high quality outcome, now and into the future.

Our Team

Our Team Lead – Darren Stone 

Managing Director and Chief Remote Pilot

Dedicated to continual improvement to provide increased efficiencies and safety alike. “Technology brings with it major safety benefits. Quite often, tied up with these safety benefits are tangible scales of efficiency – that quite literally, unfold, develop and produce the required safety investment, in front of your eyes”.

With over 30 years as a Professional in the Aviation industry – both military and civil – Darren has been able to encapsulate his experience, drive and knowledge and build a business, designed to help other businesses improve and subsequently grow in many areas. 

Our Amazing Team!

Board of Directors, Compliance Manager, Finance Manager, RPAS Pilots, Safety and assistant Spotters.

Our Team of highly skilled CASA licensed Remote Pilots, Compliance and Safety Specialists, Directors and Administrators, ensure our clients are given customised service – we appreciate every client is different. Our Team recognises this and will go out of their way to ensure your satisfaction.

The belief that we can make a tangible difference to you and your business is real!

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